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Welcome to the Equestrian College Recruiter Rider Profile Portal.

If you are visiting or looking for talented athletes, then you are at the right place! At the bottom left of this page choose the "View Equestrian Athletes" link to explore deserving athletes that seek your acceptance.

If you are considering joining the many success stories here at Equestrian College Recruiter, then consider the many tools and benefits we have to offer. Here you will be able to be seen by all the top colleges and coaches around the world!

We have added many useful social networking tools for you to explore as to add real value in your journey to find the perfect opportunity in your equestrian career!
Below is what we have to offer for your membership profile. Once you have decided, click the "Buy Now" button and pay only a $49.95 one time fee to have access to your riding profile 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

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Your personal profile will also include these features:

Dynamic Rider Resumes

Start building your rider profile by adding your accomplishments anytime you wish!

Rider Picture Album

Here you can upload up to 5 photos (400 KB each) in these supported formats (.png .gif .jpg).

Equestrian Video Album

You can upload up to 4 video files up to 15 MB in size.
This is the supported format (.wmv). Equestrian Video Uploads

You can embed links to many of your equestrian videos.

Personal Address Book

Keep a detailed list of all your contacts from colleges to coaches! This information is kept private.

Message Center

Similar to a forum. Please keep information general in nature. No profanity please.