What is the NCAA?
The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a voluntary organization through which the nation's
colleges and universities govern their athletics programs.
It is comprised of institutions, conferences, organizations and individuals committed to the best interests,
education and athletics participation of student-athletes.
High School Athletes Must be registered with the NCAA
Clearing house before you can be recruited to a college with a
NCAA college equestrian program!

NCAA HOTLINE 1-877-262-1492

Call the hotline with questions concerning academic eligibility and NCAA
rules regarding recruitment. Many frequently asked questions can be
answered by visiting the Official NCAA website.
First you must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.
  • Your first step will be to talk with your guidance counselor at school to make sure that a 48-H form has been
    filled out and sent to the clearinghouse
  • The Clearinghouse will verify that the 48-H form is complete and meets the NCAA expectations
  • The Clearinghouse will send back to your high school the validated 48-H form that will now be on file at the
  • Your next step will be to complete a "Student Release Form" and send the white copy to the Clearinghouse.
    The pink and yellow copies go to your guidance counselor at the high school  which will authorize them to
    release academic information about you.
  • The pink copy will be kept on file at the high school and the yellow copy will be sent to the Clearinghouse
    along with a transcript of your academic record to date.
  • NCAA has adopted new legislation that will require students intending to enroll at a NCAA Division
    1 or 2 Institution to supply ACT or SAT scores to the Clearing House directly from the testing
    agencies. Test scores on an official high school transcript will no longer be usable for NCAA

What if the prospective college student is already out of high school?
  • A prospective Equestrian athlete out of high school must have graduated from high school.
  • Must have successfully completed 13 core courses check the NCAA Website for more info. www.ncaa.org
  • Must have earned a minimum grade point average in the 13 core courses of at least a 2.00(check the NCAA
    website to see how the sliding scale might affect you)
The NCAA Eligibility office has reviewed this website and
we are found to be in full compliance with NCAA Rules.
These rules can be found in the NCAA Division 1 & 2 rule