There are a number of different kinds of scholarship monies available:

  1. Academic Scholarships
  2. Financial Need Scholarships
  3. Equestrian Scholarships/ and other Athletic awards.
  4. Scholarships based at the school where you plan to attend.
  5. Outside scholarships donated by businesses that are based on the following criteria:
A.)  Financial need
B.)  Essay Based
C.)  Interview Based
D.)  Interest Based

Please be aware that those riders who take money strictly based on horsemanship, may endanger their
eligibility to play in the NCAA.

There are also numerous places to find scholarship money:
  1. Your school guidance office
  2. Search the Internet
  3. Check with all the clubs and organizations that you currently belong to.
  4. Check with the college you have chosen.
  5. Check with local clubs and organizations such as PTA, Womens League, Junior League, Kiwanis, 4H, Friends of
    the Library etc

Your Guidance Office:
  1. Check monthly to see what scholarship applications they have received in the mail.
  2. Ask for help with all the scholarships you end up applying for.
  3. Make sure you check your graduation eligibility for the end of the year.

Searching the Internet:
  1. Find and look through all search engines.
  2. Apply for all the scholarships that are free.
  3. Apply for all the scholarships that you find. Some of them never have anyone applying for them.

Clubs and Organizations:
  1. Check to see what scholarships they have to offer.
  2. Apply for all of them that you are eligible for.
  3. If they don't currently offer scholarships perhaps you can get them started.

The College you have chosen to attend:
  1. Ask the financial office if there are any scholarships "in-house" that you can apply for:
Examples: Valedictorians and Salutatorians usually receive extra money automatically for attending any
     college or university. Most schools offer academic and honors scholarships for incoming
     freshman and transfer students.

Equestrian Organizations:
  1. Do the research on what is offered, both from breed organizations and local clubs in your area.
  2. Create new scholarship opportunities for others that follow.
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College Scholarship Information
Some scholarship and financial aid websites:
State Educational Benefits for Military Dependents

Online Support A
Student Scholarship for Single Parents,” - the first of its kind - was
created to financially assist single parents enrolled in a college degree
program with an online learning component.  To ensure that as many students as possible are given the best
opportunity to apply, I’m reaching out to you, in the hopes that you’ll add a
link to the scholarship to your website this week so that additional
students are aware of the opportunity and can submit their applications right
as the October 1st official open date begins.
The winner, who will be announced on December 1st, 2011, will be
awarded $10,000 towards non-tuition related living expenses for the January
2012 academic year including:
• Rent
• Childcare
• Books and School Supplies
• Utilities – Gas and Electric
• Utilities – Internet
• Groceries

Any single parent enrolled in a degree program with a significant
online component is eligible to apply. The applicant must also be receiving
some other type of financial aid.
The scholarship, with further information, can be found at: