This page is intended to help riding instructors and trainers prepare for the recruitment of their athletes. Many of the
NCAA rules that will apply to the athletes do
NOT apply to the trainers themselves. Some of the differences are listed

  1. You are not restricted in any way regarding phone calls and in-person contacts. Your athletes can have NO
    contact during their junior year, but is a good idea for you as the trainer to call the college coaches and find
    out what type of program they run. You can play a very important role in finding a school good match for your
  2. Trainers should be encouraging their athletes to make lists of the schools that they may be interested in. The
    trainer can then begin to find out information about the college coaches and the type of program they run.
    Once again you should play an important role in assuring that your athlete finds the best match in a school.
  3. During your athlete's senior year they may miss lessons or horse shows due to taking visits to colleges. As
    much as a trainer doesn't like to see a rider miss lessons or shows be supportive of them and let them know
    that you realize this is a great opportunity for them.
  4. Be there for your athlete to offer advice or suggestions when needed. You can have a major influence on
    where your athlete will attend college, and I am sure they and their parents will value your opinions and
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What the Trainer's Should Know about the Recruiting Process