Most universities have questionnaires to fill out along with a request for a resume of your riding history.
Coaches would also like to see a video of your riding. Keep in mind your equitation/horsemanship.

If possible, please show your abilities on more than one horse and give a brief description of the type of horse you are on
so we can look at the video in light of your mount. As much as possible, display how you ride the horse on the bit.
Hunt Seat show examples of flat work-including basic dressage -type maneuvers such as circles, sitting trot, halt
transitions, lateral movements and no stirrup work. Include some video of jumping as well and include some informal
practice at your barn doing bending lines and equitation turns.

Western Horsemanship, include clips from some of your  horse shows, along with practice footage showing the
walk, jog and lope in both directions as well as displaying some practice patterns.

Western Reining, include clips from some horse shows, along with reining maneuvers from your practices or lessons.
Proper clothing is recommended – boots and breeches for English and an appropriate fitted shirt, jeans and boots for

If you have footage of past shows, please include some of that as well. Timelier video is preferred as well, so coaches
know what they are seeing is current and you are thinking about your horsemanship and equitation, not the hunters or
jumpers or pleasure from a show.

Do not add background music.
If you have any questions about producing a professional looking video feel free to contact
Equestrian College Recruiter as we also provide video editing services at  very reasonable fee.
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What the College Coaches are looking for in a video.
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